Adelaide University Sport has secured a long-term lease of the University Ovals and the AUSC are ‘in for a treat’ when its long-awaited new clubrooms are completed in June next year.

The University Ovals, also known as Parks 10 and 12, will be home to AU Sport for at least the next 42 years, with the new clubrooms the start of a long-term upgrade of the grounds’ facilities.

AUSC Chairman Chris Haralam said it was, “very much an exciting time to be involved with the Adelaide University Soccer Club”.

Lighting upgrades on the main oval (North, Metro & South Pitches) will commence this summer, with all other ovals set to also receive a lighting overhaul in stage 2 of the project, at a date yet to be determined.

The new clubrooms near MacKinnon Parade, east of Frome Road, will replace the Graduates Changerooms and will be shared with five groups in total; the Adelaide University soccer and lacrosse clubs being the two biggest users.

The Grads Oval will still be able to be used in 2014 without facilities, prior to the opening of AUSC’s shared new home.

“We will not allocate this (pitch) to any team as a home ground but rather will be used on a rotational basis by the five major teams,” Haralam said.

“The logistics are still being worked through.”

Demolition of the old Grads Changerooms will start on November 17.

After the handover, the women’s change rooms and the northern lacrosse change rooms (where the 7-a-side is being played) will also be removed.

Media or member enquiries should be directed to AUSC Chairman Chris Haralam on 0414 619 997.

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