We picked out three of the manliest men in our Prem squad and discussed their life stories for some quality internet reading.

Matt fired up the ‘barby’. Alistair took a break from his ‘quality education’ and supplied the cask wine. Thierry showed us a few quality rainbow flicks courtesy of Ronaldinho’s playbook. We were all set for a great afternoon.

Welcome lads. When did you join the AUSC?

Alistair: I came to Adelaide in February 2011 and started playing football for AUSC a day later. I moved to Adelaide for a quality education… just kidding… I came for the sun, sea, and ‘cold’ beer.

Thierry: I came to Adelaide in January 2008 as a refugee and I joined AUSC in March 2013.

Matt: I moved to Adelaide in July 2012 to complete a study year abroad here as part of an exchange. I joined AUSC Blacks a couple of weeks after arriving in Adelaide.

What are some of biggest differences playing football at home and playing here?

Thierry: The differences have to do with the coaching approach, the pitch and the atmosphere.

Alistair: The physicality of the games is a lot different. You can’t get away with some of the tackles that you could at home here.

Matt: The referees over here are extremely soft! Tactics and style of play are very different as well.

What has been your football highlight?

Matt: I can’t think of anything of note whilst playing. Watching however, it would definitely have to be seeing (Manchester) United win the treble in 1999 in such dramatic fashion.

Alistair: Helping both the reserve team and the premier’s finish in the top 2 in their respective leagues in the same season.

Thierry: The best moment was when I equalised the score in the AUSC reserves game against the Adelaide Comets.

What are your future goals?

Alistair: To score a hat-trick where all three goals are bicycle kicks from 30 yards out.

Thierry: I’m planning on pursuing a career in physiotherapy and make the Real Madrid team if I take soccer seriously.

Matt: I recently broke my ankle whilst playing for AUSC Blacks so immediate goal is to recover quickly from that. I’m also heading back to the UK in order to complete my final year and obtain my degree.

What is your favourite Australian television show and why?

Matt: It would have to be “The Biggest Loser”, what’s not to love! My housemates and I can’t stop watching it, lame I know.

Alistair: The AFL Footy Show. Weird I know, but it’s actually a good laugh.

Thierry: I don’t have a favourite TV show because I watch everything that is good enough to entertain me.

Which professional team do you support and why?

Matt: Manchester United. Living in Manchester and having my Dad grow up supporting them there was only one option.

Alistair: Liverpool. My dad took me to my first ever premier league football match at Anfield when I was wee tiddler. We watched Liverpool cave Fulham’s back door in a 4:0 win and I’ve never looked back.

Favourite player/s?

Alistair: Jamie Carragher, Liverpool’s all-time best ever defender and legend.

Thierry: Ronaldinho is my favourite player because he is gifted with talent. I enjoy watching him and I learn a lot.

Matt: My favourite player of all time would be Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Current players would be Ronaldo, Hernandez and Antonio Valencia.

Best advice you have ever been given?

Alistair: “Always kick the ball with your left foot because your right is truly atrocious.”

Thierry: “Perfection requires perfect practice.”

Matt: “Always push yourself and never give in.”