Given the recent social media activity relating to the South Australian football community, AUSC Chairmain Chris Haralam has prepared this statement.

It has come to the AUSC Board’s attention that highly offensive posts have appeared on the facebook site “FfsaMemes”, and although no AUSC members have been identified as being responsible, it is disturbing to read that some AUSC members have ‘liked’ the page and/or its contents.

These comments are racist and inflammatory and any positive response to them from members of the AUSC will be viewed as a breach of the clubs code of conduct which has been distributed to all members and is available on the AUSC web page. If and when identified, any individual/s who have done so will be summoned to appear before the AUSC Board for a disciplinary hearing.

We would like to emphasise that the AUSC does not condone such behaviour and will not support anyone who disseminates potentially offensive comments.

Please bear in mind that, when posting on such forums, you are not seen as an individual but as a representative of the AUSC whether you intend it or not.

We recognise that facebook is an effective means of communication and we encourage you to use it to keep people informed but be diplomatic and polite even when responding to provocative comments; more importantly try and distance yourself from malicious and virulent comments – Under no circumstances should you support them.

If you need to post a comment in relation to any activity that involves or has the potential to involve the AUSC , check with your Vice President representative for clarification.

On a positive note, I would like to thank and applaud the people who were concerned enough to bring this matter to my attention.

Chris Haralam
AUSC Chairman

The AUSC Code of Conduct can be downloaded here