Update 14/6/13:

Meet in the Atrium at The Hackney for the World Cup Qualifier against Iraq on Tuesday June 18 for the live telecast on the new 70″and 80″ plasma screens – 7pm kick-off.

The room is booked for the Blacks from 6pm to 11.59pm. Food and beverages are available as per usual.
We promise this one is more organised than last week.


Original Article

The sake pale ale will be flowing at the Hackney Hotel on Tuesday night from 8pm as Australia play Japan in its crucial World Cup Qualifier.

If you’re supporting the land of the rising sun, you’re encouraged to wear a kimono or sport a chonmage.

If you’re cheering for the Aussies, maybe your uggboots or a kangaroo leather coat will fit in. Failing that, anything green and gold is good.

The kitchen is open until 9pm, so you can take advantage of the Hackney’s Burger and pint deal – this is Adelaide’s newest crowned ‘Best Pub Burger’ by the way.

Join The Blacks crew as they shout ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie’ and other random words of derision and excitement at the big screen at the Hackney this Tuesday.

And… if you like it or miss this event, you can come back for the next two weeks. There’s more Australia WCQs to come!

If we overcrowd the Zubar we might get a room somewhere, so if you can’t find your mates – ask at the bar.