Cobras are sitting top of the A’s table, so the Grey’s ace coaching staff had developed the perfect training plan. Instead of practising Thursday we all went to Billy’s place and watched Snakes on a Plane and Anaconda (feat. Ice Cube) back to back. Emulating Samuel L Jackson was the game plan, and it couldn’t fail.

Captain Primer was up to his usual toss losing antics. The ref wouldn’t let us pick even though we were away. Thats a 16.67% win rate Primer.

Uni started strong, and like Samuel L we were just shouting at things. Cobras unfortunately don’t have ears, and managed to stop us scoring for the first half. Cobras had decided from the start to play the long ball game. An astute game plan from the Cobra Commander (IQ of 4) seeing as the field was basically a square. Uni while trying to play total football found themselves dragged into a ping pong style clearance fest.

At half time we watched youtube clips from “Boa vs Python” trying to find a weakness in the Cobra defence.

Mid-way through the second we finally discovered that weakness. It was defending free kicks. Cobras came up with some strange configuration of walls, with people on 1 post and the GK as out of position as possible. Dools hammered the kick through the gigantic gap and a sliding keeper was forced to parry it straight to Mikey. Mikey’s shot ricocheted off a Snake to Lu who tapped in. After a ref conference re: offside rule, the goal was correctly allowed to stand.

Cobra Commander was not a happy guy and upped the sideline trash talk. Luckily the Greys had skipped Tuesday training to watch GI Joe: The rise of Cobra (feat. Channing Tatum), and had developed some awesome trash talk defence.

Unfortunately late in the half the Greys conceded after constant pressure from the Cobras. Gaku, Huss and Bilal tried to make the difference, with Bilal picking up a yellow for no reason whatsoever. Unfortunately there was no time left and the heroic Greys had to settle for a 1-1 draw. First team to take points off the Cobras this year.


Thanks to Lady Moose for the match reports this week.