So. This weekend saw the Greys fighting against the might of the undefeated Cobras. Greys had a chance to go top of the table but a slow start was the tale of the day. Cobras already had a major advantage due to the bogus 10:30am kick off and the square shaped field.

It took the boys 15 minutes to sober up from a regulation Friday night being a Uni student, and in that time we conceded 3 goals. To be fair on the boys, there was some pretty decent set ups and some lethal finishing from the Cobras, who were clearly demonstrating their top of the table prowess.

The real story starts at the 20 minute mark when Uni decided to stop conceding and start being fully sick. GK Rajan made way for E and his more socialist approach to goal keeping, shouting out some gems like: “GET BACK AND DEFEND YOU LAZY BASTARDS” and ” F U Midfield, run!”. Wamerdam and Pistol in the centre solidified into their usual defensive chimera. Hannay was picking fights with people twice his size and getting all the yellows.

Half time speeches were more emotional than The Voice blind auditions. It was going to be a mammoth task coming back from 3-0 down.

With no Jwood in the team if fell solely to Kyle to fill the teams quota of step overs. Having little of the ball in the first half Kyle lifted his game in the second often busting out 3-4 step overs in a single dribble. Some astute substitutions brought Nunny into the midfield for his 2013 debut. Fellow sub SammyC setting up Nunny for a sensational goal from the top of the box.

Greys lifted yet again with Flynn and Dave pouring on the pressure up front. The versatile Rob (who can chest press 80kg) was making mad runs all over the place also. A splendid build up freed up Anish, who squeaked a Xavi like pass through to Nunn who was able to just squeeze the ball past the keeper into the bottom right. It was sexy.

The final moments of the game were like a Discovery Channel special on Mongooses. Snakes getting killed. Uni were everywhere but couldn’t get the G. Closest we came was a free kick just brushing the top of the bar. Unfortunately that was GG for the B’s. Great effort vs the top team.

Quote of the day: Cobra’s linesman “Hey hey, we call him Wombat cos his shorts are too tight and it’s like there’s 2 Wombats stuck in there” referring to a teammate.