The Football Federation SA has received a number of enquires relating to the wearing of skins. The ruling relating to the wearing of skins underneath shorts has remained consistent since approximately 2005 and has frequently been outlined to clubs.

Wearing of Undergarments under Shorts (including Skins)

The rule stipulates that if undergarments (such as skins) are to be worn they must be the same colour as the playing shorts. This means if the clubs home shorts are white, the undergarment must be white, if the away shorts are black, the undergarments must be black. Skin colour skins are not permitted unless the playing shorts are skin colour.

Wearing of Undergarments under Playing Shirts

In recent times the wearing of undergarments under the playing shirt has become more prevalent and consequently FIFA implemented a rule to address this issue in approximately 2010. If an undergarment is worn, the colour of the sleeve of the undergarment must be the same main colour as the sleeve of the playing shirt.

Wearing of Tape or other material on Socks

A new rule has been introduced in 2013 relating to the wearing of tape or other material to hold up socks. If tape or similar material is applied externally to the socks, it must be the same colour as that part of the sock that it is applied.

Examples of what is acceptable and unacceptable have been outlined below for your information.

Please note that if a player is wearing any equipment that breaches the rulings as outlined above, the match official will direct the player to remove the equipment.

It is the responsibility of all clubs to ensure that all players that take to the field of play are informed of these rulings. To assist in this process, please circulate this memorandum to all players and also display it in changing rooms.


This article contains the exact information provided in the memo from FFSA dated: 27 March 2013, titled ‘Re: Wearing of Undergarments’.