Scholarships totalling $12,000 are available from Adelaide University Sport including three new $1000 grants for first-year University of Adelaide students.

The new President’s Scholarship of $1000 will be awarded to three applicants who have outstanding ability in a particular sport and be willing to become an active member of an AU Sport club whilst a University of Adelaide student upon receiving the scholarship.

The scholarship will be payable mid-year to assist with the payment of compulsory fees, textbooks, sporting equipment etc, as well as the payment of the athlete’s club membership fees for up to three years.

Existing scholarships for all University of Adelaide students involved with the AUSC include:

The Bob Heddle Sports Scholarships ($2,000 each – two in total), in recognition of the many years of service and support given by Bob, who was Director of the University Health Service from 1964-1982. During that time, Bob was a member of the University Council and the University Council Representative on the AU Sport Council and Management Committees. These three scholarships are awarded on merit to unspecified sports by the Blues Committee.

The Mr Bill Scammell Scholarship ($2,000 – one), named after a former Chancellor of the University of Adelaide and supporter of AU Sport. This scholarship is awarded to a student, who has contributed overall to his or her sporting club, both competitively and through support of the club.

The Sports Association scholarship ($2,500 – two), established by AU Sport, which aims to provide and promote the best possible sport and recreation environment for the University community. This scholarship is to benefit two students per year, who are undertaking an Undergraduate or Honours program of study and who have been identified as members of AU Sport.

Scholarship applications close 8 March 2013. Application forms are available from the link below.

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