Adelaide University Soccer Club
Match Report by T Gissing



Adelaide University (0) vs (0) Adelaide Comets
Abandoned due to injury & failing light

In a frustrating day for the Blacks, the Bs bowed out of the cup competition losing to Stirling 2-1. A last minute penalty saw Stirling snatch the game and take home the victory after playing the majority of the second half with 10 men. Not to be outdone for drama, the As game was a tight affair that ran 0-0 all the way to the death of extra time. Only for the game to be called off when a uni substitute broke his leg contesting for a 50/50 ball. The replay will take place sometime in the next few weeks. 


            Starting Line up                     Bench

            Sam White                              Stephen Harris 
            Nick Kalatzis                            Alex Reade
            Oliver Gissing                          Shaun Kasteslijn
            Andrew Norman
            Paul Decelis
            Michael Decelis
            Rasoul Ahmady
            Alistair Shimman
            Chis Hewitson
            Cameron Shields
            Dimitrius Kalatzis

It’s another cold afternoon at the uni grounds and the pitch is beginning to show signs of wear as the season is now into full stride. The Blacks make the first effort on goal, with a couple of half baked efforts towards goal but nothing is seriously threatening so far. Cameron gets a great shot away after getting on the end of a loose ball coming out of the Comets penalty area but it’s deflected away. 15′ minutes in and the Blacks are having the better of it so far, but not holding possession well. Olly’s making some decent runs down the right and combining with Mike who is getting dragged wider than usual. Getting on the end of a long ball, Chris heads on target but he can’t get much force behind it and it’s gathered easily by the Comets keeper. Rasoul is getting a lot of a work at left back, constantly being forced to chase back and gather bouncing balls. The right flank seems to be the go-to wing, offensively speaking, for both sides with the Comets wide players showing some pace. At the 30′ minute mark, Chris shows off his impressive gas tank in chasing down a Comets attacker deep into the Blacks defensive half and dispossessing him. Moments later though, Comets have a good chance of goal that forces an impressive save from Andy. Coming into half time the Comets are making the better chances but the high frequency of free kicks is breaking up the rhythm of the game and making it a somewhat laborious affair for the neutral. The final Uni shot of the half falls to Paul who lashes at a half volley after the ball was cleared out of the Comets area but the shot is well wide. Half-time comes and brings an end to a tigh