Adelaide University Soccer Club
Report by T Gissing


Adelaide University (1) vs. Stirling (0)

The Uni As were back to winning ways today with a number of players returning from injuries and suspension. It wasn’t a free-flowing affair but the result was well earned, with a neatly taken penalty by Michael Decelis proving the difference between the sides. The Bs could only manage a draw as they conceded late in the game to lose their 1 goal advantage that Shaun Kastelijn had given them. Meanwhile, the Cs remain undefeated and dispatched the Stirling Cs with a comfortable 2-0 win. Joe Begaj hit home both goals and came tantalisingly close to his second hat trick of the season but failed to convert from the penalty spot and was denied by a great save from the Stirling keeper.


            Starting Line up                     Bench
            Ryan Lewis                              Cameron Shields
            Nick Kalatzis                            Terry Taye
            Oliver Gissing                          Shaun Kasteslijn
            Andrew Norman
            Paul Decelis
            Michael Decelis
            Rasoul Ahmady
            Ali Showman
            Chis Hewitson
            Adam Wilkinson
            Dimitrius Kalatzis

What began as a bright, sunny day was slowly becoming more overcast as dark clouds began to roll in by the time the As kicked off at 3pm. The first corner of the game goes to the Blacks when Olly Gissing is doing his trademark work wide on the right hand side. Nothing comes of it and minutes later Stirling have a corner up the other end that doesn’t amount to much either. 10 minutes in and there’s great intensity from the Uni midfield and the clean, hard tackles will keep the Stirling mid fielders on their toes today. Returning from injury, Adam Wilkinson looks hungry up front, and has his first chance with a quarter of an hour elapsed. Running in on goal from the right on a decent angle, he can’t get his shot on target and it goes wide of the far post. Olly has a similar chance soon after when Ryan Lewis threads a through ball to meet his run, but the shot again goes across goal. With Mike Decelis dropped deeper into the Uni formation, and Ryan and Adam leading the attack, the Uni look to have good shape and balance this week. Its’ reflected in the early part of the game as the Blacks are getting the better of it. At 20 minutes Ali plays a great ball from inside the Uni half to send Adam away on goal. The keeper comes to challenge Adams run and fails to get any of the ball, bringing Adam down in the process. The penalty is awarded and Mike dispatches it with ease. 1-0 Uni. Adam continues to cause problems with his pace and wins another free kick when he is held back making a run down the line. It’s one of a number of niggling fouls that are breaking the game up. Uni snatch at a ha