Andy Carmen  Ash Kanaan
 Rasoul Ahmady  Stef Chandler
 Hector  Bunyat Pewkliang
 Bilal Farooqi  Andrew Pfeifer
 Alex Reade  Chris Bentick
 Rob Lane  Greg Clarke
 David Bowman  Rod Marks
 Santiago Victorica  Joe Matto
 Benni Mattes  Josh Smith
 Luis Colmenares  Bastien Llamas
 Javier Victorica  Luke Gardiner
   Tim Williams

Reserves please arrive 12.15pmfor 1.10pm ko – please be on time, this is a must win game and we must be prepared and ready to from the first whistle

First team arrive 2.15pm (or earlier to support the reserves and run the line) for 3pm ko

Any issues call Javi 0404 327116 or Mike 0439 898553