It’s that time of the year again, so boys dust off your suits, shine
your shoes, match a shirt and a tie and get ready to party. Girls, I’m
sure you’re already psyched and ready to go and have already begun to
plan your outfits.

The annual end of season dinner is upon us,
full of drinking, talking, eating, stupidity, medal presentations and
then the post dinner dancing in town (this part is compulsory, non-dancers will be sent home)

Blacks in Black
Friday 25th September 2009
7pm The Hackney Hotel (the place that sponsors us, you may have heard Kevin mention it)
3 Course meal (sorry we don’t do buffets we’re class)
3 hour drinks package (wine, beer, softies)

Tickets available from:
Kevin Holohan 0425 238 477
Luke Gardiner 0408 413 370
Craig Muchamore 0400 280 365
Brianna Rolfe 0413 398 140
Bilal Farooqi 0430 311 800

are limited to 150, so first in best dressed (well maybe not
literally). Partners, girlfriend, dates, boyfriends etc are more than
welcome to attend.

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