Teams for this weekend as follows: 

First Team    Reserves 
 Fri Night at Grange    Sat afternoon at home (Park 10)
 Andy Carman    Asher
 David Bowman    Stef Chandler
 Alex Reade    Joe Matto
 Bilal Farooqi    Bastien Llamas
 Jindou Lee    Andrew Pfeifer
 Louis Colmenares    Josh Smith
 Rasoul Ahmady    Greg Clarke
 Rob Lane    Bunny Pewkliang
 Javier Victorica    Chris Bentick
 Jamie McKenzie    Ollie Gissing
 Tim Williams    Luke Gardiner
 Benni Mattes    Warwick Groves
 Anthony Zaknic    Rodney Marks
 Luke Gardiner    James Hughes
     Jamie McKenzie

First team: 6pm for a 7pm KO on Fri Night (see other article for details)

Reserves: 12:30pm for 1:10pm KO. Home at Park 10 (where we have been training for the last week)

Any problems call Javi or Mike.