Signs look positive even though the Blacks stumbled, read on for results and match summaries.

Adelaide City 4-0 Adelaide University 1 (Under 13's)


Adelaide University 0-2 Adelaide Olympic
In a closely fought encounter where both teams had their chances to put the game away it was Olympic who siezed their opportunites and bagged a goal each half. Playing on the metro pitch, the girls sucked in the deep breaths and worked tirelessly for each other, with great runs down both flanks from Hammah and Georgia. Antonia was the solid rock at the back of defence marshalling her crew and cutting out countless attacks. Dimitra used her versatility to play as both a left back at times and a cnetre back when needed, and as always, her hard tackling was superb. In the guts, Sara showed her sublime ball skills and dribbled player at will, all with a casualness as if she were taking a Sunday stroll. Overall, the Blacks matched it with thier highly fancied opponents and if possibly had a multitude more opportunites to score but were unable to take the shot (watch out girls, lotsa shooting practice coming up).


Adelaide University 0-1 Pontian Eagles (SAWSA Third Division)
The Blacks showed great athleticism and skill to dominate a game which they ended up losing, some how. The university set up tents and started a camp fire inthe opposition half, with the Blacks defence sitting a little deep and winning everything, barely giving their oppositions a whiff. The flanks were used brilliantly with the rolling interchange helping to keep legs fresh. Captain Skye "what's offside?" Scrutton, led the team from the front, literally, being the striker and all. Playing msotly with her back to the goals she played lovely one two passes with her midfielders who ran through often toards the goals but the cursed University disease, named "chronic goal shy-nitus" kicked in and none of the girls were willing to take the killer shot and instead looked to pass it off. The sole goal from teh game came from a well placed power drive of a kick from the back post past a stranded goal keeper and shell shocked defence. Hightlights for the game would be Rosie "who needs lungs to breath?" <insert surname>'s tireless work in midfield even though she was struggling to breathe. Karolina's superb barrell roll after being brushed (that's right brushed, it was barely a kick) and Skye getting making a brilliant darting run to the goals to only discover she was running at the goals for the other soccer pitch. The signs look good and the team spirit was great.


Adelaide University 0-7 Western Strikers (First Division)
The University once again showed good signs and the goal line fails to show how close the encoutner actually was. The back line was being marshalled by Zena who yelled and commanded at the back, with many bone crunching tackles. If not for her the amargin coulda been much worse. The blacks showed that individually they were able to match the Strikers but the team cohesion was yet to develop due to a lack of match practice. There was some brilliant attacking play from TT "Tai stole my initials and last name" Nguyen, and her partner in crime Bridgette showed soccer knowledge and skill well beyond her 13 years with sublime use of the body to protect the ball and perfectly timed runs. Captain Syl "blah, I'm only jsut a bit older then Bridge" Ozolis, bossedthe midfield around, showing great touch and vision, with some killer through balls for the strikers to run on to. Sorry the match report is so short girls but I'm still learning names and stuff, next time It'll be more detailed, I promise.