Results, goal scorers and match reports

Under 13: Western District 5-1 AUSC (Della Verde)
With 5 players missing the AUSC lined up with exactly 11 players, forcing them to reshuffle and having players play out of position. Starting in goals was Aspen "OW" Smith, while captain Antonia "Gotcha gotcha, now I'm gonna clear ya" Ditroia lined up as the sweeper. The defensive quartet consisted of, Georgina Bolzon and Sara Della Verde as the wide backs, with Dimitra Dounas and Elizabeth Stankevicius sitting in more central roles. The midfield had Philippa Mikocki sitting as the defensive shield while Brooke "I don't mind them kicking balls at me but I hate diving" Smith sitting behind the striker as an attacking midfielder, with Hannah "Catch me if you can" Schoolz and Kate "Ninja" O'Connell as the wide players.

The game did not get off to the start the uni would have liked with the girls still sleepy from the early start (next week there will be firm no partying or sleep overs the night before a game policy in place), and Western District capitalized by punishing the the out of position uni with an early goal. Spending the majority of the half trapped in their own defensive third, the defence was under heavy pressure with Toni working over time to clear up the loose balls and Aspen making many saves. There were only a few attacking chances and most came from the wide players with the gritty, get in there and win the ball, spirit of Kate, often resulting in a loose ball for the attacking players to fight for and push forward. Mean while on the other flank, Hannah (complete with new hair do), ran at the Wester District defence and often left them bamboozled as she waltzed pass with a grin on her face. Number 42 for the opposition was identified as the key trouble maker for the defence of the uni and the job of marking her out of the game was given to Dimitra, who resolutely chased the skilful player all over the park and restricted her impact on the game. All in all the first half showed glimpses of what the girls could do but a lack of cohesion of still evident and the girls went in to the break 4-0 down.

During the half-time break, coach Bilal "Wow, getting up at 7 am is hard for a uni student" Farooqi talked to the girls about tightening up at the back and to get forward more often. Lee "Hi, I'm Brooke and Aspen's Father, Lee" Smith, helped fire up the girls, and they went back in for the second half to win the second half and then challenge for the game.

In the second half, Brooke and Aspen exchanged places on the pitch, with Aspen slotting in to central midfield and Brooke playing in goals. Phillipa moved to right back and Sara moved in to central midfield to provide an extra bit of flare and creative ability. The second half began with the AUSC camped in the opposition half attacking the box from all side, but unable to break down the resolute District's defence, last ditch tackles/fouls and keeper saves were what kept the AUSC from getting back in to the game. Fifteen minutes in to the half, and a lovely cross from the right flank resulted in a hand ball in the box, not even looking around or asking any one else, Sara calmly walked up to the box, picked up the ball, put it on the spot and gave the keeper the death glare before calmly bagging the first goal of the season for the team. I should say at this point that Sara's father is a well known taker of penalties, urban legend has it that he has never missed a single on, in his life