The Special General Meeting for June 22nd has been called to elect Board members to fill the positions vacated on and after the Mon. 6th March 2017 Board meeting.

The Secretary had received a communication on Fri.3rd March regarding a legal claim against the Club and the threat of the initiation of legal action if no response by Wed. 8th March.

For some this was the last straw. It was the opinion of those present at the meeting that because of the other ongoing unrelated legal and administrative problems that asking AU Sports take over the administration of AU Soccer until such time as all the ongoing issues had been resolved would be the best option.

The President [ Dr. Bill Hill ] Chair [ Kevin Holohan] and Secretary [ Carol Thomas ] constituting the Executive of the Soccer Club deemed that this transfer of administration was the most beneficial immediate action available and agreed on handover.

At that time and over the next few days a number of resignations followed, including the Chair, Secretary and the representatives of Womens and Juniors.

AU Sport then advised that handover could occur only after an SGM had voted, and in looking at the ongoing problems advised the deputy Chair, Treasurer, President and the Mens Representatives to continue the management of the Club as a caretaker group.

The legal problem of the 3rd March has been solved by the University Insurance accepting the claim of care for an injury which occurred pre-season.

The legal problem of Kevin Holohan vs. Philipe Safi— defamation, has been resolved by settlement, Kevin’s apology for comments, and he has elected to leave AU Soccer imminently.

The legal problem of Chris Haralam [ in his previous role as Chair and acting for the Board ] vs. Philipe Safi— defamation, has been resolved by settlement, Chris on behalf of the Board issuing an apology, and he had already stepped down from the Board and Club.

As these ongoing issues have now been resolved, AU Sport believe that AU Soccer should hold the SGM to fill the vacant positions as listed. The positions of President and Treasurer remain as elected at the AGM of November 2016.

Please consider nominating for a position especially if you are an undergraduate student.

Dr. Bill Hill