SA British FA

The first noted Official Competition as AUSC was in 1935 with the South Australian British Football Association: SABFA (prior to name change to South Australian Soccer Association SASA and then Federation: SASF) until 1983 (split of teams to CSL 1981 and then 1st team and reserves AUSC Blacks to SAASL in 1984).

*1980 - Saw a hiatus for many of the AU Coloured teams playing amongst themselves during winter before beginning the Collegiate Soccer League with other Old Collegiate / College / Tafe / University teams not offered spots in the revamped SASF Leagues as they turned to a professional focus
**1984 - The AUSC Blacks teams then joined the SAASL in 1984 (Other AUSC teams had left to join the Collegiate Soccer League in 1981)
YearCompetitionPlacing (/out of teams)PlacingPlacingNotes
1935SABFA Division 25th/7 - 9pts
1936SABFA Division 24th/?Pozza Cup Runners Up.
1937SABFA Division 2Runners-up, PromotedPozza Cup Winners
1938SABFA Division 110th/10, Relegated1 point and relegated (SA’s Highest Division)
1939SABFA Division 2
1940SABFA Division 2
1941No competition WWII
1942No competition WWII
1943Did not affiliate WWII
1944Did not affiliate WWII
1945Did not affiliate WWII
1946SASA Division 2Last, no winsCompetition restarted
1947SASA Division 26th/10 – W7/D1/L8 15ptsReserves W1/D1/L14 3ptsHon. Justice J.M.Napier First AUSC Patron
1948SASA Division 29th/12 - 5W/2D/L14 12ptsDiv 4 7th/9 - 3W/3D/7L 9pts(University B team begins in Div 4)
1949SASA Division 25W/1D/15LDiv 5 4W/3D/11LDiv 6 2W/0D/20LMost sporting team Award tied with Port Thistle
1950SASA Division 2Only
1951SASA Division 2
1952SASA Division 21W/0D/17L RelegatedDiv 5 7W/0D/0LIntmed. team (res) 7W/0D/10L
1953SASA Division 3 and 5
1954SASA Division 3 and 5
1955Did not affiliate ‘Secretary’s failure’ Internal, Intervarsity and Invitational games played.
1956SASF Division 39th/10
1957SASF Metro League Div 36th/9Div 5 Reserve B
1958SASF Metro League Div 34th/8Div 5 Reserve B
1959SASF Metro League Div 39th/10Div 6 Reserve C
1960SASF Metro League Div 3UnknownDiv 5 Reserve BPromoted
1961SASF Metro League Div 27th/8 RelegatedDiv 6 Reserve BOct 1961 Grads team established for any University Graduate
1962SASF Metro League Div 35th/9Div 5 Reserve BDiv 5 Graduates beginGrads started by Adrian Mitchell
1963SASF Metro League Div 3Div 5 Reserve B
1964SASF Metro League Div 35th/10
1965SASF Metro League Div 35th/10 (Blacks)Division 4 3rd/10 (Blacks)Division 4 8th/10 (AUSC C)Trained Indoors at Unigym, MacKinnon Parade, North Adelaide.
1966SASF Metro League Div 39th/105th/10Div 4 Runners Up & C team 9th/10Trained at both West Beach (UPF) and Graduates Oval
1967SASF Metro League Div 34th/12 (equal 2nd/3rd g/diff)R/Up 2nd/12; U/grads 6th/12Div 4 Runners-Up & C team 4th/Uni Reds 9th/10Knockout Cup Runners-Up. AUSC exemption for League requirement to run a Junior Boys team
1968SASF Metro League Div 3CHAMPIONSDiv 3 Grads 5th & 10th/12Reserves 3rd/12 & Grads Res 8th/12AU undergrad team played as Flinders University Reserves in Div 3.
1969SASF Metro League Div 3Grads 5th - 11W/4D/5L & 10th/11 - 2W/4D/14L3rd Reserves: Grads 4th 13/2/5 and 8th / 11 7/2/11Rowley CUP RUNNERS UP/ Junior Boys team began U14s North Adelaide Colts
1970SASF Metro League Div 33rd and 11th/12Senior Cup Runners-Up
1971SASF Metro League Div 35th/11
1972SASF Metro League Div 311th/12Reserves Champions Grads Red 1st & 8th/ 8 (Blacks)Italian Students R/Up; Malaysian Students 3rdGrads Red also Win Cup (Double) Rowley CUP RUNNERS UP (Blacks)
1973SASF Metro League Div 3Runners-Up/10 (goal difference)(Blacks)
1973SASF Metro League A3rd (Grads Red), 5th/7 (Blacks)Metro Lge B 3rd (Blacks)/ 6th/6 (Grads Red)
1974SASF Metro League Div 38th/10 (Blacks)
1974SASF Metro League3rd/12 (Grads Red)4th/12(Blacks Res A)12th/12 (Blacks Res B)Italian Students 5th/12
1975SASF Metro League Div 38th/10 (Blacks)
1975SASF Metro LeagueRUNNERS UP (Grads Red)5th/10(Uni Black)7th/10 (Uni White)(Winners Italian Students) No pennant
1976SASF Metro League Div 38th/10 (Blacks)
1976SASF Metro League3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th/12(Uni White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Red)(Winners Italian Students!!) No pennant
1977SASF Metro League Div 3Runners-Up (Blacks)
1977SASF Metro League Div 4Runners Up, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th,13th/13(Uni Green, White, Black, Italian, Red, Red, Blue)
1978SASF Metro League Div 35th/8
1978SASF Metro League3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th/12(Uni Black, Italian, Red, White, Red, Blue)Flinders University last.Upton CUP RUNNERS UP
1979SASF Metro League 15th/8 (Blacks)Reserves: UnknownRowley Cup (Reserves) WINNERS 2-1 v Noarlunga City
1979SASF Metro League 23rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th/15(Uni Agua, Red, Black, Red, Blue, Italian, Grey, White)(Metro League 2 Reserves - Winners)Flinders University last. AUSC largest No. of registered players in South Australia.
1980See note below*
1980SASF Metro LeagueRunners Up (Blacks)Reserves: Unknown
1981SASF Metro LeagueRunners Up (Blacks)Metro League 1 Reserves CHAMPIONS (Blacks)
1982SASF Metro League3rd/11 (Blacks)Reserves: Unknown
1983SASF Metro League8th/12 (Blacks)Reserves: Unknown
1984See notes*