On a picture perfect day, and on a picture perfect pitch, the Bs lined up to make amends for a demoralising first round loss. We were up against a Westminster team that we had no real intelligence on. They looked young and fresh, but otherwise there was little to go on.

A slight tactical shift around for the start, with Superman Harris sitting in the centre of the back four, with the Whites focused on ensuring that they didnt concede in the first 20. This seemed to pay off, with the Westies not providing too much danger, with the only real threat being their no lanky no 3, who could win balls in the air but provided little other danger on goal. Whites willingness to play it around the back well and look to pass short balls on the ground as much as possible was very encouraging.

The Whites slowly gained dominance of the game, against (let’s face it) not a great Westies team, with George providing good cover for the back four, and Amir Khasanov being given a lot of room to roam. But it was Titus Yap who really provided the run and carry through the midfield, winning balls and basically bossing the centre. There was plenty of support, with Justin and Ian out wide doing plenty of running and delivering, and Mirshat working hard up front and causing problems with his pace, although as a winger by trade he has still a little to learn about the runs to make as a number nine.

The first half was probably one to be remembered for missed chances, in particular when Justin and Ian both smacked in great crosses which deserved to be put away. However, the breakthrough did eventually come, when Titus (who else) won a ball, and on the run smacked a great shot that beat the keeper from distance. It took a little deflection, but take nothing away from the shot which was hit with venom. Half time 1-0 up.

The second half began well for the whites, who almost went up in the first 15 seconds, after Superman got his head on to a poor defensive clearance, landing the ball at Justin Kanga’s feet, but the defender did just enough to stop the shot. Good signs for the whites.

And so it continued, with the half pretty much one of whites domination. The first came from an unlikely source, but the goal was pretty classy. A good passing movement on the left, Superman turned inside and saw whites overlapping on the right (like they’d been told to in training) and smacked the ball across to a running Juan who in one movement chested the ball, skipped over one challenge, allowed the ball to bounce and smacked it into the top corner. Ooh ahh, silky. This started the goal fest, as the whites all poured forward.

Mirshat grabbed the next, showing composure in the box, before burying it in the bottom corner. Then Superman grabbed another header, which was almost a carbon copy of the previous week’s goal, but this time with a cross from the left rather than the right, George Tan this week’s provider with a lovely chipped free kick (“who the f… is Matt Bate?” was George’s response to the goal).

The Whites were now rampant, with Superman releasing Justin who outpaced the Westies defence to make it 5, then Longy seemed to be taking the piss, when he found himself in the box surrounded by players, faked to shoot, sent the keeper and about three defenders the wrong way and then calmly buried the shot in the net. Good to have you back on the scoring sheet for the Bs, Longy.

The only slight downside to the game was losing a goal right at the death, from a set play, with the Westies number 3 managing to ghost in unmarked, and poor communication at the back allowing him to head a cross past Callum.

So 6-1, not as perfect as it could have been but a great response to week 1’s loss, and well played to all. Good to welcome back Matt Mostak to his spiritual home at the Bs, and the Bs enter the top 4. Let’s make sure we stay there for the rest of the season.