A’s were missing a fair number of players and we are yet to still play with a full compliment in the right positions, interestingly enough A’s have still shown good depth and willingness to adapt to the system and structure.

I am very pleased to announce a 7 – 1 flogging of Unley.

Game started with Whites moving the ball around and quickly creating openings in the midfield, Rob Y played a very strong holding role and intercepted quality passes from Unley and distributed the ball quickly to the team. Unley played very high on the half way line and looked to catch us offside, this was an acceptable strategy as Paul played exactly to the coaches instructions by playing in a offside position initially, giving a sense of accomplishment to the Unley side. However the strategy kicked in; not long after where the defenders were relying on the trap with no effect as players from the Whites streamed in from wide positions and opened the account with Paul giving a nice pull back to Scott who placed it in the back of the net. 1 nil to whites.

Unley looked to find some clever play in the midfield and tried to come back, the whites stuck to the plan and played some good football, high pressure on the Unley midfielders and this gave a great rate of interceptions to the Whites.

The game started to flow with Scott creating nice movement in the middle, jafar worked hard and started to show some flair with passing into the last 3rd of the Unley goals creating several chances for Amos, Paul and Jon.

The possession was very high for Whites at one stage 65% of the time whites had the ball, which ran Unley ragged. The smooth passing and movement both left and right created chances again with a build up of Joe , Amos and Paul providing another cutback ball this time in the air to Jon who headered the ball just past the keeper and into the back of then net. 2 nil.

Unley started to cry now with Coach and B Players all jeering our linesman, then swearing with dissent at the referee (who cautioned the coach) – George even got a blast for sticking up for us. Anyway that aside Unley coach was feeling very down, his players were under high pressure and not one pass was getting through. Whites looked in control and keeping hold of the ball , time to put the pedal to the metal and let the engines roar.

Jack and Jafar combined to initiate some good play jafar twice ran through with more balls from Paul, Jon, Scott and Rob to create several chances to score. Paul took on a few moves and was taken out in the box which hurt him , yet he soldiered on and still put in 100% . Amos also created options and now Unley were under siege only the whistle for half time saved Unley from more goals.

Second half, players were relaxed and confident however, looking at the tackles and hard knocks the game in the next 15mins was going to tough, Unley were out for body crunching. The Unley team took an extra 5 mins to come out , they were not happy and whites were about to make the day hurt more.

Second half saw whites step up and play a patient and very calculated game, playing well and looking for gaps, Jon sparked up with several nice runs and to his credit hammered a awesome shot from a tight angle into the back of the net making it 3 – 0 .

Again the game turned into interception all of Unley poor passing now and pressuring each player, each time several counters were made and whites were enjoying the rhythm of the game. Joe created a good ball down line and Jon created some width and forced the defenders out wide, another pull back pass to Scott who quickly snapped it up and put the ball into the back of the net. 4 nil

Conner was outstanding on the flank, lifting his level with some nice runs inside and overlapping to create some great play. Unley were tired and frustrated yet whites pushed on hard . Amos linked well and created he next run with Jon running through the middle and banging another in 5 Nil.

At this point, whites switched off bit and lost its focus on defence and being lazy with no pressure on the ball players, defenders were being caught out.

Matt Bate stepped up with a good holding role and delivered some good balls, Justin also returned from Holidays and made some nice runs. Every team member was putting in. The small lapse in focus cost a goal , Dan had pulled some big saves earlier and found himself on some one on ones which were hard to stop. The goal from Unley helped revitalize the team and focus was to push hard for more goals.

Ryan came on from some weeks off and his wedding. This gave some fresh legs and created some good opportunities, several goals went just wide and Ryan was looking dangerous. Amos , Jack combined well with Conner to bring about some nice short play passes resulting in several opportunities to score more. Scott combined with Matt and Ryan to take a excellent drive into the back of the net giving Scott a hat rick and making it 6 goals.

Lastly the Unley keeper all day was off his line coming out to take free kicks and pushing very high , his poor kicking from the goals ( pressure ) gave a opportunity to Conner to send a ball through to Scott and Scott quickly dropping into Jon lap , where he quickly seeing the Keeper way out of the box chipped a drop shot and number 7 goal was in.

7 -1 a big win and a message to Unley that the draws and winning for them is over on the Whites, possession football and complete domination of the game by the whites has given some excellent results. A lot of improved performances and much greater reliance of the play from the back was great to see , confidence and performance go hand in hand and while we still need to fix some defensive issues up Uni whites are taking some good points and hopefully will continue to strive for excellence and 100% commitment to plan. Its not always going to work there will be losses but we will go down playing football and playing a good style of play.

Well done to all it was a great game to watch and players are stepping up securing spots for the future. A great win with something I believe is a first; a big win over Nemesis Unley.

Thanks Anoop, lines are hard you took alot of abuse but you stuck with it and thank you