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Are you looking for a soccer team in Adelaide who are competitive and social?

Welcome to Adelaide University Soccer Club Graduates Blue, a high-flying Collegiate Soccer League squad with a mix of strong camaraderie and talent.

AUSC Blue was a student team that was part of the inaugural Collegiate Soccer League in 1981. They were perennial runners-up, coming second in 1984’s Division B1 competition, the 1986 and 1989 A1 division and 1986 and 87 preseason cups.

The Blues eventually succeeded, bringing home back-to-back cup trophies in 1990 and 1991 and then gained further success as 1994 and 1997 cup champions. In the latter year, they ‘did the league-cup double’, also winning the A1 Division championship. In 2005, the Blues won the preseason cup and league cup. In 2008, the Blues were reborn as AUSC Graduates Blue.

Today they are an exciting and competitive squad in the CSL and welcome new and past players to join their teams.

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