Dear members, the purpose of this brief circular is to provide you all with an update of progress since the Special General Meeting that was held at the Graduates Oval clubrooms on Thursday 20 June 2019.

Despite a short delay in gathering all the necessary information, we are pleased to report that the Club’s financials for Calendar year 2018 are due to be finalised this week. As per the resolution that was made at the Special General Meeting in June, the Annual General Meeting will be scheduled in coming days, and most likely held in mid-September 2019. Notice of the AGM will be published on the Club website, AU Sport website and noticeboard of the Adelaide University Sports Association and across various social media platforms.

Separately, the members of your Committee have been working together behind the scenes in reviewing various aspects of the Club’s operations with a view to improving our current organisational structures, financial management, policies and procedures and communication across all levels of the Club. It is envisaged that the Committee will publish a further circular ahead of the upcoming AGM on these topics, for consultation purposes.

Rest assured, the current Committee is committed to delivering continued and improved facilities, support and communication to all members moving forward, all with a “one club” focus.

Julio Angulo-Cubias
Julio Angulo-Cubias
For and on behalf of the AUSC Committee