Adam Pedron won the 2016 John Whitehouse medal as the Uni Whites celebrated the end of their season.

Pedron also won the B team Best and Fairest, while Courtney Davis received the first team’s most coveted award.

Nick Schultz was the C team best and fairest and Sam Burt was the D team’s most valuable player this year.

Gollie. It was almost Ollie. Again.

Ollie Smith was again favourite to win the medal for the third year in a row, but Pedron took the honours, receiving the most best and fairest votes across all of the Uni Whites teams.

The John Whitehouse medal is the player, from any Uni Whites team, who has accrued the most referee votes throughout the season.

A message from the Whites

A massive thanks this year to all of the players, coaches, committee members, supporters and sponsors. We go again next season!

Melissa Bock and Kevin Bock, thank you for your support of the years. This year wasn’t the same without you both around. Our hearts are with your health Mel.

Kevin Doan, the boys have been extremely appreciative of the support you’ve given us with your physio expertise. We look forward to continuing on and improving upon the foundations we laid this year. Thanks mate!

And a big thank you to The Hackney and Cerbis Ceramics for your sponsorship support, enabling us to do the things we want to do.

Images courtesy of Las Comms


Award Winner
John Whitehouse Medal Adam Pedron
A’s Best & Fairest Courtney Davis
A’s Team Man Sean Nunan & Ed Mitchell
B’s Best & Fairest Adam Pedron
B’s Team Man Leo Digon
C’s Best & Fairest Nick Shultz
C’s Team Man Joshua Popadinoski
D’s Best & Fairest Sam Burt
D’s Team Man Dan Anthony


The Uni Whites players voted on the recipients of many of the other awards. Here is the full list of winners…

Award Winner
Goal of the Year John Wilson Adam Pedron
Save of the Year Lewis Whittenbury Courtney Davis
Best Comment Ollie Smith Sean Nunan & Ed Mitchell
Best Match Report Ian Hendrie Jnr
Wez Reid Dummy Spit Award Damo Holoubek
Most Obscure Absentee Ollie, Alex, Crab, Adam & Anthony
Best Recruiter Ed Mitchell
Moment of the Year Ed vs Rob
Supporter of the Year The Ongs
Players’ Player of the Year Courtney Davis & Rob Yeomans