the game against our monkeys(on our back) started off poorly

tomas withdrew with a stomach bug(bad luck 1) in case he shit himself on the pitch …white shorts not good for women or gastro bugs in sport

then the ref failed to turn up,we lost the mighty Lev to the whistle blower status.(bad luck 2)

Playing our usual 433 attack at all cost ,we quickly gained control of the mid through our dynamo midfielder jan

unfortunately we went down 1-0 to a TOG(bad luck 3)

soon after about the 20min mark jans pace got the better of his hamstring(bad luck 4) it went twang like a banjo in the movie Deliverance not before he scored a sensational goal from the 10cm mark with his head reminiscent of the robbie cornthawite  goal for Australia (the same distance)

We received a penalty and bobby wanted to have a go and get his mask out,but oh no i said Rob (the green lantern) hasn’t missed

yep u guessed it saved(bad luck 5) and then copped a mouthful from their coach a lesser man (yours truly)might’ve gone the head butt

but Rob the most capped player at the whites stayed calm after i pulled him back

we went into the break 1-1

the second half again started well where we tried to break down their flat back 4 succesful on a number of occasions with rob scammel making the keeper pull off a fine save(bad luck 6)bad luck

then we lost Rob(the green latern) there would be no hattrick in a losing team for him having scored 3 in last years game whilst losing 2-1 again to a HAMmy had squealed like a PIG and he was stuffed ,someone should talk to our strength and conditioning coach ,he might be the same as last years adelaide united one

with the bench emptied and 15 mintutes to go the ref was substituted for another giant of the club mike (the hammer williams) to blow the whistle

that last 15 min i forget but another tog(bad luck 7) and another late goal ended what was 80min of attacking hungry football

I’m off to the casino put your money on the WHITES….im sure to have good luck there,wish me luck