Those famous Sideburns were first seen in the white back in 1996. His chunky physique and amazing pace might sometimes hide the fact that the kid can actually play. It took the coaching staff a while to notice that, but once he finally got his A’s chance, he took to it like an alcoholic to our famous pale ale.

In his first season in the As he won a club award, but then tragedy. The Yak was ruled out with a knee injury, he was devastated. If you recall one of his drunken quotes “I’m only happy when playing soccer or having sex.” He had better been getting loads of sex, cause he was ruled out of the 90 minute version.

Yak is the captain of the Whites Drinking XI, and is the ultimate club man. During his injury period he could be seen on the sidelines with a carton of the good stuff cheering the boys on.

He finally left on his long awaited trip OS, but will be returning in June. Apparently he has shed the kilos, is fit and raring to go!!

“Steve Saf mastered the 5 day drinking week while at uni, which all started at the big ticket on Wednesday” – Marty

“Carton of Pale thanks” – Yak every friday night

“Why buy a six pack, when you can get a carton”
Yak learning about economies of scale at Flinders Uni 1995

“Out of Context” Quote of the Millenium: 2-5-04
“I like penises. Penises is good.” – Steve Safralidis