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Searching for a social yet competitive soccer team in Adelaide? Look no further than Adelaide University Soccer Club White.

Better known as the ‘Uni Whites’, AUSC White is a founding member of the South Australia’s Collegiate Soccer League (CSL) which began in 1980. Today they are known across the community as a powerhouse of amateur football in Adelaide.

Join the Uni Whites, a men’s football team that boasts strong camaraderie, teamwork, mad football skills and a sense of humour.


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Key contacts

Campbell Hodgins – 0459 049 040


  • Collegiate Division 1A | Sam Innamorati 0421 782 796
  • Collegiate Division 1B |  John Wilson
  • Collegiate Division 4 | Sanjit Dhillon
  • Collegiate Division 5 | Steve Safrilidis

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Uni Whites: Moments in history