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Dinamo Uni Women’s Soccer – The Golden Years (80’s)

In the days when Women’s soccer was a new and slowly growing sport we were excited to be involved and have the opportunity to play at the highest level possible. It was a time when we not only played but had to organise the club, be on the SAWSA committee and be the state representatives at the Australian Women’s Soccer Nationals Championships.

Dinamo had players but no ground; Adelaide Uni Dynamo had plenty of grounds but needed players. So we united to become Dinamo Uni with 2 teams. We kept the blue shorts and socks from Dinamo and the red top from Adelaide University. We didn’t have to pay for the use of the grounds or the lighting but we had to pay for registrations, strips and balls. We had the sausage sizzle and sold cans of soft drink at our home games and of course the occasional fundraiser.

History shows we had a very successful team- the team other clubs would love to beat (not that they did that very often). To score just one goal against us was often their best achievement. We had the expectation that if we played anywhere near our best we would win.

We expected to always be in Cup finals that we would always be the main contenders to win or at least be runners up in the league- we set the benchmark. Adelaide College were our greatest rivals during this period- although we were fierce competitors on the pitch but shared good friendship off the pitch.

Many players from other clubs wanted to be a part of our successful teams, our club, to share that success and camaraderie.

Cup final day was always a great time. To help set the mood for the day we would organise breakfast for all players at someone’s home and hire a bus so we could all travel together to the ground. A daunting sight for opposition teams when we arrived at the ground- even when we started playing finals at Hindmarsh Stadium. Of course we would all join in the celebration afterwards.

Families and friends would come to watch us every week. The niece of one of our great players would wear her special top with number 3 proudly displayed on the back. We had many players who represented the state in the National Championships and some went on to represent Australia, which was a proud achievement for the club and set the benchmark for other players to aspire to achieving those goals.

It was a wonderful time and remembered fondly and proudly by all those involved.

– Ann Sergeant
AUSC and SAWSA Life Member



Dinamo Uni Division One team 1983, pictured back, from left, Sonja Martens, Terry Fitzgerald, Ronnie Bratton, Sue Bradshaw, Heather Young, Lani Gibbs, Mary Bratton, Enio Rossi (coach), front, Janice Playford, Mary Fabris, Kathy Hughes, Moya Dodd, Nicki?, Jill Latimer, Ann Sergeant.

Dinamo Uni Division One team 1985, from back left, Amanda ‘Nugget’ ?, Sue Bradshaw, Terry Fitzgerald, Denise ?, Heather Young, Toni ?, Ann Sergeant, front, Moya Dodd, Arlene Moncrieff, Sonja Martens, Jill Latimer, Maria ?.

SA State team for the 1986 National Championships played in SA at Para Hills Soccer Club grounds. Dinamo-Uni representatives at that time were: Players-Sue Bradshaw, Arlene Moncrieff (player/Assistant Coach), Moya Dodd, Jill Latimer (Captain). Official / Team Manager – Ann Sergeant

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