Dear Members,

We have a tremendous opportunity to secure a major national cleaning service company (V.I.P) as a high-level sponsor of the football club.

V.I.P has provided us with a unique opportunity towards securing a sponsor for the Club if their business can be increased through leads generated via our members.

All we ask of all the members and those associated with Adelaide University Soccer Club, is to consider if there is any opportunity for your (or organisations you influence) commercial cleaning contracts to be reviewed no matter how large or small, local or national.

Even if there is a current contract in place V.I.P will pay the club, if the company is happy with the service and the price and are prepared to sign a letter of intent to go ahead with the company when their current contract expires.

All you have to do now is email Kevin Holohan (email: within the next few days with the contact details of any potential buyer of a commercial cleaning service, and Kevin will pass that onto V.I.P.

We want genuine leads … we want members of the Adelaide University Soccer Club to give this company a fair crack at business in such a manner that if the price, service level commitment and quality of work will be superior to the existing provider … then they can expect to win the business.

Of course there is no obligation on anyone’s behalf if commercial terms cannot be finalized.

So if you can think of your own cleaning requirements and any other businesses (think local and national) that you have influence over ASAP I assure you it will be of great benefit for the Club.


Kevin Holohan
Vice President
Adelaide University Soccer Club


  • Does your office create a good first impression?
  • Is your cleaning consistent or a bit hit and miss?
  • Do your cleaners use the WHS colour coding system
  • Do you have a kitchen cleaning policy?
  • Does your office look and smell clean?

Don’t you deserve the V.I.P treatment? Remember V.I.P can keep your office clean in 2014!
For a free audit and appraisal for the cleaning of your office contact Kevin (a different Kevin to the one above!) on 8220 4531 or 0419 532 293

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